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I’m Zhazira (pronounced as Jazeera), a UX/UI Designer with a background in research.
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My journey started with a political science degree, driven by a desire to make a positive impact. Early in my career, I focused on research and client relations but craved creative problem-solving. My love for arts & crafts led me to pivot into UX Design.
Born in Aktobe, Kazakhstan, I moved to Vancouver alone at 17. My life has been a whirlwind, living in four cities, including one in Europe, and meeting diverse people. This exposure shaped me into someone who values diverse perspectives and adapts quickly.
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I just wrapped up courses in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and worked on this website alongside Aleksiy. I'm also mastering my fourth language and have explored 22 countries. I'm into design, psychology, equality, history and economics.
And always in pursuit of more 📚🧠💡, so...
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Or plants!
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